My Little Pumpkin Photo Frame Craft

Here’s a free My Little Pumpkin photo frame craft.

Teacher  parents, feel free to print out this PDF template, and share with friends.



1. Write your name towards the top of the pumpkin.
2. Color the pumpkin.
3. Cut out the pumpkin and center.
4. Tape a photo inside.
5. Glue the photo frame onto brown
    construction paper. This is the back of the frame.
6. Laminate the photo frame (optional).
7. Cut around the brown construction paper.

My Little Pumpkin Phot Frame Display Ideas:

  • Create a bulletin board pumpkin patch. Create a blue background. Then, roll pieces of green butcher paper for vines across the bulletin board.  Attach the pumkins to the vines.
  • Add to the Classroom Memory Book, which is sent home towards the end of the school year.

Makes a great gift for parents!








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