Free Scrapbook Software Giveaway!

Created with My Memories scrapbook software in about 20 minutes!

When My Memories contacted me to ask if I’d be willing to try out their scrapbook software, write about it and then give away the software to one of my readers… I was super excited! Why? Because this software is easy to use and can be really helpful for teachers, too.


To Win the Scrapbook Software:

1. Become a Smart Printables facebook fan.

2. Visit My Memories and choose your favorite digital paper pack or layout, then write about which one you like in the comments below.

The My Memories scrapbook software winner will be e-mailed by me on or before December 1, 2011.

Ways to Use My Memories While Teaching

Of course you can use the My Memories scrapbook software for your own family and friends… But you can also use it for teaching.

Here are a few ideas I came up with after playing with the program tonight:

  1. Classroom Memory Book – Play the slideshow on your classroom computer when parents visit your classroom. E-mail it to parents at the end of the year.
  2. Calendar Gift for Parents
  3. Cards for Parents or the Kids
  4. Classroom Movie – Maybe a butterfly release celebration, show your math, science, writers’ or readers’ workshop activities in action.

There really is so much we can do with My Memories scrapbook software.

Easy to Use with Your Digital Photos

I used to love scrapbooking, but it seems like I just don’t have the time to sit down and cut and paste everything in a scrapbook like I used to… Well, before I had kids of my own. With a 4-year old and a 3 month old you can imagine how many photos I’ve got on my iPhone without a single one printed since the baby has been born. Finally, something to force me to get organized and create a scrapbook that our family will treasure for years to come. I’m sure many of you can relate to this lack of time and huge amount of photos on your iPhone or computer that you just don’t have time to organize. 

Fast and Fun Scrapbooking

See the scrapbook page up there? I actually created it in 20 minutes with my 3 month old baby asleep on my lap on a boppy! I’m not kidding. (She’s still on my lap while I type this.) My Memories software is so much easier than regular cut and paste scrapbooking because I can upload the digital photos I already have on my computer. I don’t have to print photos separately… Plus, I can make a movie, calendar or even a card.  You can even add music, if you’d like to.  There’s so much we can do with the software and it’s really easy.

Here’s a $10 coupon (code STMMMS6943) for My Memories scrapbook software, especially for Smart Printables readers! Seems like a great Christmas gift to me. Have fun scrapbooking!

Coupon for My Memories Scrapbook Software

Your Coupon Code for $10 Off: STMMMS6943


9 responses to “Free Scrapbook Software Giveaway!

  1. I love the Jingle Bells pack! Lots of nice bold colors.It looks fun to use.

  2. Jessica Freeburg

    I love the Halloween pack! Halloween is almost as big of a deal as Christmas at our house! 🙂

  3. charlotte braden

    So brilliant but I love the You Me and Sea. Lovely ocean colors in blues and creams, so calming. I love the use of the shells, corals and feathers in with the ribbons, lace etc.. to make the designs; very clever and very pretty.

  4. I’ll second Jingle Bells. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I take a million pics!

  5. I love the Xmas pack – so colorful!

  6. I really like the Fall Jamboree! I have lots of nice fall pictures that I just took the other day that would look beautiful on that pack!

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