Chores Charts for Your Child!

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Here are chores charts you can use for your children!


1. Print out one chores chart for every week you need. 

2. Help your child write his or her name (on the black line) and the required chores on the chart.

3. Put a star, check mark or sticker in the box for the corresponding day as it is completed.

Discuss Rewards (Optional):

If you like, you can come up with daily rewards for finishing chores for that day. The sticker can be a reward on it’s own, which is nice. Because a week is a long time for a kid, daily is likely to be more effective. In my daughter’s case, she just likes to check off each chore and doesn’t get too focused on a reward, other than checking off the box herself. (She was acting out being Cinderella and being very silly.) Every parenting style, child and situation is different, so feel free to use it as you wish.

Example Chores for Kids 4 and Up:

  • Brush teeth
  • Brush hair
  • Get dressed
  • Finish homework
  • Feed fish, cat or dog
  • Pick up toys in room
  • Hang up or fold and put away clothes in closet
  • Read a book

Of course, as they get older they can do the dishes and all kinds of fun stuff. 🙂


  • My four-year-old daugher drew a picture next to each chore (e.g. a fish next to feed fish), to help her remember what the chore was.
  • Use a different color marker for each chore, so it’s more visually appealing to a child.
  • Use the shiny star stickers or other stickers your child likes to fill up the chart.
  • As an option, you can laminate the chart and use a white board marker to either fill it in or mark stars in the boxes as chores are done. You can write the chores on the chart before or after laminating.

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