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Saint Patrick’s Day Cootie Catcher

Here’s a free, printable Saint Patrick’s Day Cootie Catcher.

This Saint Patrick’s Day Cootie Catcher is great for studying Saint Pasaintpatricksdaycootiecatcherphotocarolbrooketrick’s Day words or sight words!

  1. Print out the Saint Patrick’s Day Cootie Catcher.
  2. Fill with Saint Patrick’s Day spelling words or sight words to study.
  3. Color
  4. Fold (as explained on instructions).
  5. Have fun playing with a friend or solo.

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Mother Goose Time Preschool Lesson Plans

MGT Blog Ambassador

Here are some of the blog posts I wrote while using Mother Goose Time curriculum.

You will find free lesson plans on the links below (which link to my other blog).

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Holy Trinity Shamrock Craft

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Here’s a Holy Trinity Shamrock Craft!

It works best to glue above Holy Trinity shamrock onto a popsicle stick after coloring it. Then, glue the back to green construction paper and cut it out. Cut out the Glory Be prayer and glue it to the back. Children can pray the Glory Be prayer on the back of the Holy Trinity shamrock.

Mom’s Group Activity for the Kids

This craft was made for the children to accompany our (mom’s) reading for the week. We are reading from Lisa Hendey’s Book, Catholic Mom. This activity is for chapter 4, Faith Family: Finding a Parish and Nurturing Your Faith Community. Our group is at Holy Trinity Catholic Church and it’s almost Saint Patrick’s Day, so it was an ideal activity for us. The kids really enjoyed it, too. 🙂 We start the group with a prayer, do the kid’s activity and reading. Then, the kids spend free time together as we discuss our reading. It works really well. Moms and kids come together and close with a prayer, too. 

One of my friends from the group read a great book to the kids, The Story of Saint Patrick’s Day. The book perfectly complimented the activity!

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Coloring Page!

Christmas is almost here! Many of you may be singing Christmas Carols with your children. It’s a fun way to cheer up with the kids when the Christmas list of things to do piles up and you need to smile. Singing helps you remember to breathe (in the midst of all of this)… and remember to create the memories you want to last. 🙂 My daughter is singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with her class this year, so I thought I’d share a little Rudolph coloring page I illustrated, along with the lyrics.

My Trick-or-Treat Ghosts Mini Book and Puppets

Grades: Preschool – 2nd Grade

Depending upon the needs of your children, you can differentiate this art, writing and reading activity. You will find notes about this next to each part of the activity.


  • My Trick-or-Treat Ghosts Mini Book
  • My Trick-or-Treat Ghosts Puppets
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • popsicle sticks
  • pencils



Before you present the lesson, make your own My Trick-or-Treat Ghosts mini book and ghost puppets as an example. (You will find a color set of puppets for you, so you don’t have to color the ghosts. This will save you preparation time.)

As you do the activity yourself, you can think about the needs of your students. You can have each student make one ghost (splitting the children into groups of 6), or you can have each child make an entire set. It just depends on what your child’s needs are.

Preschool children may only have time to make one ghost, unless you copy the ghosts onto colored paper and/or cut out the ghosts for them ahead of time. (You can either use the ghost template and print the ghosts onto the colored construction paper (or use color ink) from your computer, or make your own ghost design and cut ghost shapes onto colored construction paper.) So, for a preschool child, I’d recommend either doing that or have the child choose their favorite food/color and make one ghost. Then, the children can act out the story as a group.


My Trick-or-Treat Ghosts Mini Book

Read and fill in the colors for each ghost. (e.g. “I give him a strawberry. He turns red.” The student colors the ghost red. Other ideas for colors/foods are: orange/orange, green/cucumber, blue/blueberry, rainbow/rainbow sherbet.) The mom ghost stays white.

My Trick-or-Treat Ghosts Puppets

After the book is complete, the students color the puppets to match the book.

  1. Color the ghost puppets to match the colors of the ghosts in the book.
  2. Cut out the puppets.
  3. Glue ghosts onto the popsicle stick. (Colorful ghost on one side, white ghost on the other side. The mom ghost is white on both sides.)

Dramatic Play

Students read the book and act out the story.

Extension Activities:

  • Draw, color and cut out each food , so your puppet can pretend to eat it (like the glasses of milk). Write the name of each food on the page of the story.
  • A group of students can act out the story together, either with the puppets or in different colored sheets made to look like ghost costumes.