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Teacher Gift Ideas

Well, it’s the end of September now… Your child’s teacher has written your child’s name dozens of times by now on papers and bulletin boards. Her hands and wrists may be sore from all her work. (I know mine were when I was teaching.) Your child’s teacher is likely in the middle of assessments and thinking of ways she can differentiate instruction based on all the needs of her children. She may be feeling nervous, over-whelmed… Maybe even a bit unappreciated. When is the last time you said something kind or did something truly thoughtful for your child’s teacher? If we want our teachers to stay motivated, we need to work as a team. Not only do they need parent volunteer support in the classroom, but the teachers need to feel cared for as well.

When gift-giving be sure to keep in mind that even though the teacher has the grace not to tell your child that the earrings you took out of your jewelry box that say, “You are special”, and you gave her because you won’t wear them aren’t really what she wanted, doesn’t mean you should go ahead and give it to her. Be as kind with your gift-giving as you would expect her to be in teaching your child. If you expect a lot, you need to give a lot.

Here’s a free, printable Teacher Gift Idea handout. Give it to the teacher, and after she fills it out make copies of it and send it home with all the children.


Warm Fuzzy Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Children to Deliver to Their Classmates!

$1.00, Click here to order your Valentine’s Day cards through Teachers Pay Teachers.

Here’s a convenient way to help your children prepare Valentine’s Day cards for their classmates!


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My Little Pumpkin Photo Frame Craft

Here’s a free My Little Pumpkin photo frame craft.

Teacher  parents, feel free to print out this PDF template, and share with friends.



1. Write your name towards the top of the pumpkin.
2. Color the pumpkin.
3. Cut out the pumpkin and center.
4. Tape a photo inside.
5. Glue the photo frame onto brown
    construction paper. This is the back of the frame.
6. Laminate the photo frame (optional).
7. Cut around the brown construction paper.

My Little Pumpkin Phot Frame Display Ideas:

  • Create a bulletin board pumpkin patch. Create a blue background. Then, roll pieces of green butcher paper for vines across the bulletin board.  Attach the pumkins to the vines.
  • Add to the Classroom Memory Book, which is sent home towards the end of the school year.

Makes a great gift for parents!