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Mother Goose Time Preschool Lesson Plans

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Here are some of the blog posts I wrote while using Mother Goose Time curriculum.

You will find free lesson plans on the links below (which link to my other blog).

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Holy Trinity Shamrock Craft

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Here’s a Holy Trinity Shamrock Craft!

It works best to glue above Holy Trinity shamrock onto a popsicle stick after coloring it. Then, glue the back to green construction paper and cut it out. Cut out the Glory Be prayer and glue it to the back. Children can pray the Glory Be prayer on the back of the Holy Trinity shamrock.

Mom’s Group Activity for the Kids

This craft was made for the children to accompany our (mom’s) reading for the week. We are reading from Lisa Hendey’s Book, Catholic Mom. This activity is for chapter 4, Faith Family: Finding a Parish and Nurturing Your Faith Community. Our group is at Holy Trinity Catholic Church and it’s almost Saint Patrick’s Day, so it was an ideal activity for us. The kids really enjoyed it, too. 🙂 We start the group with a prayer, do the kid’s activity and reading. Then, the kids spend free time together as we discuss our reading. It works really well. Moms and kids come together and close with a prayer, too. 

One of my friends from the group read a great book to the kids, The Story of Saint Patrick’s Day. The book perfectly complimented the activity!

Before I Was Born Mini-Book

Here’s a free Before I was Born mini-book.


Preschool and up.


  • Life Cycle of a Human
  • Empathy and Character Development



  1. Complete a prior knowledge assessment. Toward the top of poster board or your white board write “K-W-L”. With vertical lines separating each letter. Ask what the children know (K) and want to know (W).  You will complete the learned (L), after the lesson.
  2. If it’s still appropriate learning, have the students read the Life Cycle of Me!: Before I was Born book with you.
  3. Depending upon what the children already know, choose visual materials to help you explain the life cycle of a human. Explain that this is how he/she grew before birth. Children may like to use the term “while I was in mommy’s tummy”.
  4. Students complete the book, read and discuss it.
  5. Complete the K-W-L chart with the children, What did they learn (under L)?

Folding Instructions for the Mini Book:

This book is convenient, because it does not require staples.

1. Cut on the dotted…. lines around the edges.
2. Fold on the gray, solid line, so you see the
text and pictures.
3. Cut the center, dotted ….. line.
4. Open and fold in half the opposite way,
(pg. 1 back-to-back with the cover & page 4
back-to-back with page 5.)
5. Make a fan fold and then open again.
6. Fold the dotted pages so they are open,
like a diamond.
7. Push the diamond closed, so the cover is
on the front and the last page is on the back.


When printing on your computer, it may be helpful to check the box “fit to page” or “scale to printable area”.)

Of course, you don’t need to explain the birds and the bees to do this activity. It’s just important for the child to know he/she was growing, feeling, hearing and seeing while in the womb.


National Geographic, Dare to Explore, In the Womb