Scholarly Book Reviews

Stack of scholarly books I’m reviewing for Book News, Inc.

If you are interested in all the latest scholarly books written by professors, scientists, educators, psychologist and experts in the field of social sciences, check back here often. So far, I’ve reviewed almost one hundred books for Book News, Inc.

So, you’ll find links here to some of the most recently published books that are sold in bookstores and on university book shelves.

Check back soon for reviews of the following books:

  • Number Sense Screener by Jordan and Glutting (This book is for K-1st grade teachers and is actually an assessment kit.)
  • Dear Zari by Zarghuna Kargar
  • Horsemanship Through Life by Rashid
  • Encyclopedia of Wellness edited by Zoumbaris
  • Psychology Concepts and Applications by Nevid
  • Human Development: A Life Span View by Kail and Cavanaugh
  • My Life in the Service: The World War II Diar of Staff Sergeant Jack E. Bates compiled by Wayne N. Horton

That’s just to name a few. I’ve got sixty newly released scholarly books on the shelf next to me right now. If you have a book you’d like for me to review, contact Book News, Inc. and ask for me, Carol Brooke.

Of course, I’m still designing SmartPrintables, but this keeps me up-dated on all the most recent scholarly research and publications in social sciences. I love to learn from other people, and it is so energizing to read books from minds like these. I feel like I’m in college again. I love it. I guess I would love it,  since I was in college full-time for ten years. 🙂 I wish I could still take more courses. I love taking courses as much as I love teaching.


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