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Kindergarten Sight Words Flash Cards Especially for Your Little Princess

 Parents and Teachers,

Kindergarten Sight Words Flash Cards for your princess. The cards easily print from your home computer. Order now and you will get the kit e-mailed to you in 24 hours or less. The kit includes: Parent’s Instructions, a card with all 52 words, 52 double-sided flash cards with personalized sentences and colorful, fun illustrations, princess crown, personalized envelope to store the cards.

Does your child know all 52 of the Kindergarten Dolch Sight Words? It’s an important skill for Kindergarten children to learn. If not, here’s a fun and personalized way to teach your child. As a former Kindergarten teacher, and now a parent of a little girl going into Kindergarten, I was inspired to create differentiated, fun, and personalized princess sight words flash cards.


As a mom and former teacher, I’m all about saving money, while getting the best.   This is the best set of sight words flash cards I’ve seen because they are personalized, show the child how to use the words in a sentence, have

Your little princess can wear her crown as she personalizes her sight words flash cards kit. She can write her name on each card and personalize the cover of the envelope to store the cards. She’ll love creating a princess with her name, skin color, hair color and eye color. Each kit includes her own cartoon princess to design and name.

instructions for differentiation, and have colorful, fun illustrations. It’s also super-easy, because you simply print the cards from your home computer.  Here’s a video of my little princess practicing her kindergarten sight words.

Sight Words Flash Cards with Differentiation and Personalization

Your little princess will create her own cartoon princess with her own skin, hair and eye color. Colored pencils work best for this. Then, she can glue her cartoon princess to the front of her sight words flash cards box/envelope.

These flash cards can be differentiated and personalized. The instructions explain how to do a pre-assessment with your child, so you only review what she needs to know. Your child will enjoy personalizing each sentence with her own name. She will also learn possessives. ( e.g. “I like Isabella’s unicorn.”)

 Your Kindergarten Sight Words Flash Cards Kit Includes:

  • 52 Kindergarten Dolch Sight Words printed on business-size cards, which are the perfect size for little hands.
  • All 52 words in a personalized sentence, so your child holds interest. Your child learns to write her name on the cards to complete the sentences.
  • Instructions for parents and teachers. You will quickly learn how to present the cards to your child in a fun and easy way, so the process is enjoyable and at the appropriate learning level.
  • Your child will personalize the first card with an illustration or photo of herself.

    This printable envelope is easy to fold into a small box to keep all 52 flash cards organized. Your little princess will love reading her dedication you write to her everytime she opens the box. You can also glue the handy list of words inside, as shown above.

  • Princess crown to paste onto her photo or self-portrait.
  • You can write a dedication to your child on one of the cards, such as, “Emily, I love reading with you.”
  • Printable, personalized envelope to store the cards.
  • Princess crown for your little princess. (Cut and use tape to size)

Instructions for Use:

Parent’s instructions explain how to introduce the cards to your child, and how to complete a prior knowledge assessment.

Simply print the cards from your home computer and your child can cut the cards out. All you need is a home computer, printer, paper, colored pencils (for her to color her personalized princess), scissors and glue.